A Gratuitous Collection of Firefly Fanfiction

See, I like it when I can find a writer's work all in one post. So, just in case others feel the same way, I've linked to all my stories below. I've listed them by Firefly time-line rather than by posting date. Their ratings are all in the summaries, along with the pairings. Given my fixation, most of the sexy stuff is Wash/Zoe, but there is a splash of slash. (Note that some of the links take you to Up-dated 2/04/10.

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Whitefall Reevers


...The Firefly panel at ComiCon may have gotten my blood-pressure up to normal human level. (I have measured in at 90/60.)
Now Die!

Fic: Little Lepto Lost

Rating: PG15, for a little bit of sexy stuff.
Characters: Wash, Zoe, an ensemble of dinosaurs
Word count: ~1200
Summary: Pilots have to make their own entertainment out in the Black. So do their wives.

This was written for
[info]fansquee, who has an awful lot on her plate and thought a little fic might help. She wanted Wash and dinos and an appearance by Zoe. I hope this does the trick.


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